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240. old blanco from alajuela, costa rica


life is miraculous

to be alive and breathing is remarkably against all odds

a near impossibility

yet what is inescapable about being alive is that you will not be so for long

you will die

sooner or later we all cease to be

young or old

life can stop at any moment, for any number of reasons

you may or may not have the fortune to live for as long as old blanco from the mountains of alajuela

so strive to make every breath count now

this very moment

live life

in sickness or in health

wealth or poverty

misery or delight

see the beauty

find the humor

question seriousness, authority and absolutisms

do not deposit your dreams on the uncertainty and improbability of anything above or below, before or after you

act on the fact that you are free to do so at this present moment

it is a gift beyond measure

and one we fail only too often to see


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  1. Jose Blanco Richmond
    Posted November 24, 2012 at 11:59 am | #

    El es mi abuelo que gran orgullo para mi. Nunca espere encontrarlo en Internet, el es un gran hombre es el ejemplo de todos sus nietos.No alcanza el tiempo y las palabras para decir todo lo que es el y lo que significa para nosotros.

    He is my grandfather, my great pride for me. What a surprise to find it on this website, my grandfather is a great man, is an example to follow. Not enough words to say everything that is and what it means for us.

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